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When to shave for the first time

We are influenced by fashion. The media show us images of models with shaved torsos and legs, what was once “the man and the bear, the more hair, the more beautiful”, is now the opposite.

There are more and more boys and girls who go to photo epilation consultations as soon as they begin to develop at puberty and want to remove that hair that bothers them or gives them a complex. But, when to wax for the first time? or what is the ideal age to wax? There is no ideal age to carry out laser hair removal.

Throughout puberty, there is hormonal instability. As long as the hormonal behavior does not stabilize, the hair will not acquire its final size and extension.

Trying to eliminate it while this process lasts will be a useless effort because although the laser destroys the hair follicle of each hair, it will grow back with the same intensity in other places. For this reason, it is better to wait until the end of development to undergo a definitive OTT for laser hair removal.

There are areas of the body in which laser hair removal can be performed without complications, such as the armpits and legs. If the hair is of the right thickness, at a young age, laser hair removal can work well. But there are other more delicate parts, such as the face. On the face, doctors prefer to wait to practice it until the child is older, because the laser could stimulate the production of more hair.

It is necessary to individualize each case and assess not only the biological age and hormonal development, but also take into account the psychological impact that excess hair in certain areas may have on the adolescent (such as dark hair in the area of ​​the mustache or on the legs in girls).

The solution is to put yourself in the hands of professionals who know how to apply energy correctly and in the right areas. It requires regular maintenance. Sometimes it is done daily (shaving the beard) and in the long run, it can strengthen the hair, which will grow stronger.

Bleaching creams: Although they are not a way of hair removal as such, in some cases they are the first measure when the hair is scarce and not very dark since they manage to hide its appearance.

Tweezers: It is the most precise system. However, it cannot be used to treat large surfaces; it is best for small areas such as the face (eyebrows) or to give the final touch to other parts of the body.

Razor: With this method, the hair is removed flush with the surface, but it will grow stronger. It can also cause infection of the hair follicle or folliculitis. To prevent this infection of the hair follicles of the skin, it is recommended to clean them with an antiseptic soap before and after using them.

Depilatory creams: They weaken the hair and allow its removal without pain. However, just as with shaving, the hair grows back quickly. And they can irritate the skin. It is the alternative to the blade, especially for the most sensitive areas. The only known cream whose effectiveness has been scientifically proven is eflornithine.

Wax: It is preferable to wax with hot wax, as it is more effective and less painful than cold wax. It is also highly advisable to trim the hair before undergoing the wax so that it is not excessively long and does not pull too much when pulling it out. Men have thicker and stronger hair, which makes the method more painful.

Electric razor: It pulls out the hair by the roots thanks to a set of rolling tweezers. As male hair is much more numerous and hard than female hair, this method is much more painful for them, which is why they only want to use it from time to time and in small areas.

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