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Beauty Tips for Beginners

Skincare is one of the best habits you can adopt because you will capitalise on it for the rest of your life. First advice: the mindset is key. It is not an obligation, but a pleasure. A rite, not a simple routine. Meditating in front of the mirror for five minutes in the morning and at night keeps you on track all year long.

That’s why once you start, you don’t want to stop. Consistency not only guarantees the effectiveness of the products we use but also our happiness. Because when it comes to skin issues, inner peace begins on the outside.

 1. Find the routine that your skin likes the most and don’t abandon it!

When we talk about taking care of the skin, the routine is pure passion. It is not easy to find the right one, but once you do, you will never leave it… until time passes and you have to adjust it again. The skin always speaks and a good partner of your own body has to be there to know how to listen to it. What do you like? What irritates it? What do you need to shine?

2. Less is not more, but it is something

May ambition not play against us. There are better and worse products (and in this, the price does not always guarantee quality), but no cream, no matter how excellent it may be, will work for us if we don’t wash our face well first. It all starts with cleaning and continues with hydration.

Remember: dirty skin is impenetrable skin and thirsty skin is misunderstood skin. A good routine answers two key questions: what do I wash my face with and what do I hydrate it with? Once you get your hands on this essential minimum, you’ll be adding products with unparalleled pleasure. There is nothing better than pampering the skin with vitamin C, serums, antioxidants, etc. Always check with your trusted dermatologist first.

3. When choosing a line, loyalty is a value

Taking care of your skin is a daily commitment that not only requires discipline, but also effort. If we are willing to invest in our skin, we can take the time to carefully choose the line of products that best suits it. The key here is to try a cleanser, moisturiser and serum kit so that its effects are enhanced and you achieve spectacular results.

4. Don’t let anyone take you off your axis: be consistent!

Performing the skin routine is not a daily effort, it is a pleasure that we give ourselves. Facing the mirror, the world disappears. Problems disappear and the love we give ourselves appears. That’s why no judgments, no looking at your new wrinkle, no scolding yourself for being mortal and sensitive to time and gravity.

Loving the skin is loving the body, knowing it and taking care of it. Let nothing ruin your moment, not the obligations of the day, not your state of mind, not the judgments or prejudices you have about your face. As the days go by and you accumulate those daily minutes of self-love, your brain is only going to understand and reproduce happiness in your heart.

5. Never, never, never forget the sunscreen

It doesn’t matter if it’s winter, it doesn’t matter if it’s cloudy: the sun and the glare are harmful to our skin every day of the year. Are we lazy? It makes us lazy. Do we like to feel the sun on our faces and we hate not being able to do it without sunscreen? It annoys us. But not everything in life is satisfying, and it’s okay to embrace small sacrifices with enthusiasm.

Some protectors are fluid and soft, and on top of that leave our skin more beautiful than before using them. Try BB creams that have them and accept the reality, that the sun is always there, even if we have protection 50.

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