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Tips to regain firmness in the face

We must remember that the skin repairs itself and that it is capable of regenerating, just like the muscles that are under it. All this should encourage us to find that willpower that day by day can help us overcome the flaccidity of our face. Surgery? Not at all, take note of the following tips and apply them to your daily life with encouragement and optimism.

Yes to good nutrition

Do a short self-criticism exercise. What do you usually eat throughout the day that you know is bad for your health? Fats, hamburgers, sweets, industrial foods, foods with refined flour, salted foods…? We are all very aware of what is bad for us, what fills us with toxins, what causes swelling, and fluid retention, and what eliminates from our body the supply of minerals and vitamins that we need so much.

Avoid this high-fat diet, because it is basic. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, it is essential. Become a fan of varied salads, that’s where to include some pieces of fruit, also some nuts, apple cider vinegar… These healthy and also satiating ingredients will make you feel better.

How to start the day

An infusion of dandelion is ideal, with a little ginger and a few drops of lemon juice. A wonderful contribution of antioxidants that will take special care of your skin. How to prepare it? Very easy. Put about two dandelion plants in boiling water, and grate the ginger root, enough to get a tablespoon. Let it boil and rest for 5 minutes. Before drinking it, drop three drops of lemon juice. You will see how good you feel every day. You can accompany it with a bowl of oatmeal, vegetable milk, or an apple. It is advisable to avoid dairy.

Juices for the afternoon: carrot and aloe vera

Carrot is an essential food for the health of your face. It is capable of providing you with the basic vitamins and minerals so that you have good hydration, as well as providing beta-carotene. You only have to wash a carrot (raw) and put it in the blender together with a tablespoon of aloe, the pulp in the center. Finally, add half a glass of water to obtain a homogeneous juice, and remember to drink it every afternoon.

How about we do some physical exercise… and facial?

We are sure that every day, you already practice some exercise. It doesn’t cost you anything to go for a walk with a friend, ride a bike, or even dance from time to time. Doing some daily activity is essential to improve our circulation, and allow oxygen to reach each of our tissues. Well, this is clear to us, but do you also practice some facial exercises? Nope? We’ll explain it to you: it’s simply about devoting about ten minutes a day to stretching the skin of your face. The point is to perform exercises by moving the muscles of the face, thus increasing firmness.

An example would be starting with a broad smile. Yes, a big smile. As you can see, in this gesture we move a large number of muscles, ideal if you keep this smile for about 20 seconds. Very well. The next step will be to do what you see in the image, stretch your eyebrows towards the forehead and keep them for another 20 seconds. Another exercise: massage your dark circles, always circular movements and around the entire eye. Finally? Do the same in your feelings, an energetic and circular massage. You will see how good you feel. And if you do it every day, little by little you will see great results.

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