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What Are Alpha Hydroxy Acids And What Are They For?

Are you looking for a solution for your dry skin? The winter months are the ones that cause the most damage to the skin due to temperature changes, stress and the sun. Luckily, some treatments and components help us keep it healthy and radiant, such as those that contain alpha-hydroxy acids or also known as AHAs. In this article, we tell you everything about Alpha Hydroxy Acids and what they can do for the health of your skin.

What are Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs)?

When we are young, our skin cells transform very quickly. Every day millions of cells die throughout our body to make way for new cells, this is a completely natural process that makes our face and skin, in general, look much more radiant and beautiful.  However, as we begin to age, the rate of cell turnover becomes slower and inefficient, causing dead skin cells to accumulate on the surface and give a dull appearance.

For all this, we have a solution: Alpha Hydroxy Acids.

AHAs are organic acids that exfoliate and increase the thickness of the deep layer of the skin because they stimulate the formation of new collagen. This set of components is well known for the treatment of various dermatological diseases, such as acne, dry skin, enlarged pores, comedones, pimples, microcysts, hyperpigmentation (brown spots) and irregular pigmentation associated with pregnancy, hormonal changes and the use of birth control pills, among other things.

Main properties of Alpha Hydroxy Acids

-Promote the natural renewal of the skin.

-They favour the formation of collagen which provides more flexibility and luminosity to the face.

-They have an exfoliating effect. When you apply Alpha Hydroxy Acids on the skin, you have a peeling effect, eliminating all dead cells and giving it a softer, smoother and more uniform appearance.

Reduce wrinkles and blemishes.

-They facilitate the absorption of the other components of the creams to the inner layers of the skin. In other words, it is a good nutrient enhancer.

Moisturise the skin as they reduce water loss in the epidermis.

-AHAs give visible results in the disappearance of fine lines, wrinkles, folds and sun damage.

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