Done Use Rose Quartz Roller Until You Read This!

Maintaining healthy and beautiful skin has never been easy. There are plenty of ways to do it, such as eating properly, doing exercise, managing stress and one of the important ways is by using skincare. However, using skincare products doesn’t seem to be enough. People need gadgets to help them beautify and detoxify their skin. Fortunately, there are a variety of beauty tools provided in the market and one of them is a rose quartz roller.

About rose quartz roller

People who do not have time to see a beauty therapist do facial treatment can choose a rose quartz roller and do a facial at home. A Rose quartz roller is a roller or massager that contains solid rose quartz stone. The stone itself has mineral which benefits the skin a lot. It has been used to help users remove wrinkles, fine lines, and repair skin damage. 

Attached to the roller, the rose quartz stone improves the blood circulation and lymphatic system. It also affects skin renewal, so the skin will look fresh and healthier. Although it offers a cool sensation, it is better to store the roller in the refrigerator to add the energizing massage sense. 

Rose quartz roller benefit

This pink soothing roller provides many benefits to the users and those are:

Improve facial skin health and beauty
Rolling up the rose quartz roller means improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. This will make the skin look brighter and reduce the appearance of the pores. The face looks clear, clean, fresh, and supple.
Eliminate puffiness and under-eye bags
The roller stimulates the lymphatic system, so it can reduce the excess fluid and remove the puffiness and eye bags. The result is eyes look fresh, less puffy, and it can even remove dark circles and wrinkles. 
Relieve stress
It eases tension in facial muscles, makes the users relax, and gives them a good mood. Hence, it relieves stress and reduces anxiety. 
Penetrate the skincare products deeper
Applying serum or moisturizer on the stone will help distribute the cream to the skin and penetrate it deeper, so the product can reach its maximum benefit. 

How to use rose quartz roller

1.Pat dry your face that has been washed or cleaned by cleanser or gentle soap.
2.Apply your skincare product on the stone, like serum or face oil, or moisturizer.
3.Start massaging your face by rolling the roller upward and outward. The smaller roller is designed for eye massaging, whereas the bigger one is for the forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck area. Eye massage will reduce puffiness, forehead and nose massage will improve pressure and tension, jawline and neck massage will relax the muscles. 
4.You can stop if you think your cream or skincare product is fully absorbed. The ideal time is around two to five minutes, but you can massage it as long as you want.
5.Clean your rose quartz roller by wiping it with a clean cloth after use. Storing it in the refrigerator is better to keep it cool.

Rose quartz roller can be used daily, one or two times a day. Never soak this tool in water and keep it out of reach of children. 

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