Guide about Micro-Penning Treatment

Are you a novice when it comes to the term micro-penning treatment? If this is your first time hearing this term then you probably have a lot of questions. Do you probably want to know what micro-penning is? Is micro-penning safe? What are the benefits of micro-penning and are you a suitable candidate? This article seeks to address some of your queries and you can use it as a comprehensive guide on all the things you need to know about this skincare procedure.


What is micro-penning
This is a nonsurgical procedure that presents with few or no harmful symptoms to your skin. This is a procedure where a skincare professional will use a cordless device that is of medical stainless steel grade to create controlled micro-abrasions to your skin. The main purpose for creating the micro-aggression is so that your skin can be triggered to go into optimum repair mode. Once your skin goes into repair mode, then it sends signals to the relevant organs to produce more elastin and collagen. The importance of elastin and collagen to your skin is greater than we can comprehend if you want to have radiant and glowing skin. Collagen is responsible for keeping facial lines and wrinkles at bay. This means the more your skin produces this substance the more your skin will look young. Elastin, on the other hand, makes your skin elastic and thus your skin will look and feel smooth.

Micro-penning is not a complicated procedure and depending on the surface area, the procedure can take anywhere between 10-30 minutes. Most people who opt for this procedure will have it done on either their face or neck region because this is the part of the skin that is mostly exposed. It is a painless procedure and skin care professionals will often use a numbing cream or agent to make you comfortable during the procedure. The procedure is conducive for almost any type of skin and that means it is open to anyone who would like to try it. There are no health risks because there is no chemical or heat involved in the procedure but it is important to point out that you should not undergo the procedure if you have any open wounds or active acne on your skin’s surface.

Benefits of micro-penning

1. Reduce pore size
Once the skin repair system is triggered the skin cells are stimulated to try and close up any opening on the epidermis. This will result in the reduction of your pore size for better-looking skin. It happens because the elastin in your skin is tightened to be tight and thus the reduction of pore size. This is a quick procedure and you can go about your daily duties once the procedure is done.

2. Reduce acne pigment scars
Once the collagen levels in your skin are boosted, your skin will try to treat any damage caused by acne pigment scars. This is also a quick way to treat any acne pigment scars on your skin with minimal negative side effects. Many skincare professionals can advise you on the best place to get micro-penning.

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