Cold or Hot Water Which Is Best for Washing The Face?

Which is better for washing the face, cold, warm, or hot water? Don’t be alarmed; hot here refers to water temperature below 27 degrees and not 100 degrees steaming liquid. This article isn’t about scalding your face with hot moisture but making it more beautiful.

Is there any difference in using hot, cold, or warm water on the face, and if there are, what are their benefits?

Facial washing is a necessary beauty routine people must perform if they desire a blemish-free face. But the water temperature used in the washing matters. People use cold, warm, and hot water interchangeably when executing the facial treatment. The fact is, cleaning the face with water removes impurities like bacteria, debris, and dirt effectively, but it depends on the water temperature. What temperature of water offers the best effect?

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Today you will learn the benefits of different water temperatures for your skin.

Coldwater for the skin:
Coldwater tightens the pore, controls the oil on the face, prevents breakouts, and acne. If your face is dry or vulnerable to acne, use cold water more than hot water because cold water constricts blood vessels and restricts the outflow of oil. Hot water tends to expand the vessels and allows the free flow of oil.

Using cold water closes your skin pores. This is why you should use it after applying facial treatment because it will eliminate puffiness, firm the skin, prevent wrinkles, and other benefits.

If your skin tends to dry, use ice water therapy to retain oil levels and reduce the problem. Other benefits of cold water are enhanced circulation, increased metabolism, and endorphins.

Hot water:
In facial treatment, hot water is employed to relax the face, open pores, and remove oil easily from the skin. When pores are opened, it allows effortless penetration of vital ingredients into the skin for faster action.

Warm water:
This refers to a water temperature that is neither cold nor hot. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends warm water treatment for the ultimate facial cleaning experience and total skin wellbeing. The best time to use it is when washing off skin remedies like facemask from the face because it eliminates sufficient dirt from the skin surface and stabilizes the skin oil.

Hot, warm, and cold water procedure for facial therapy

Hot and cold water is good for your skin, but it depends on how they are used. Make use of cold water more than hot water on your face because it has greater benefits. Increase the heat of water before applying treatment to allow the easy entrance of ingredients into your inner skin.

When it is time to wash off facial remedies, use warm water, and splash the face with cold water to close the pore and retain nutrients in the skin.

For a general facial washing routine, always use lukewarm water twice daily, morning and night, and dash (not wash) your face with cold water especially after washing off facial therapies from the face.

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