How to protect skin from pollution?

Due to inhumane activities, the natural environment has been polluted to the core. Air, water, and land have been polluted to irreversible levels. Such that environment is degrading for many animal and plant species. Also, it is becoming dangerous for humans to live. Excessive air pollution is causing humans to catch serious deadly diseases. The microbes present in the air particularly damage the skin. Hence, it is necessary to take care of your skin and protect it from air pollution. People who are conscious of their health, frequently use anti pollution skin care products in order to keep themselves and their skin healthy.

The toxins that are present in the air seep inside the skin layers and cause it to become wrinkled before time. The dirt and dust particles that are present in the skin layers become free radicals when they come in contact with ultraviolet rays from the sun. The free radicals deplete oxygen that is present in skin cells and they also halt the production of collagen. The resultant molecules are dangerous for the health of the body and skin. They particularly damage DNA and attack cells. As a result, the skin appears dull and grey. It also leads to the production of acne, rough patches, and wrinkles upon the skin. If the skin is exposed to these ultraviolet rays for a longer period of time, then it can also cause skin allergies, damage of blood vessels, and eczema.

If one cannot completely protect himself from sun exposure, then he can at least make an effort to minimize it. This is because more than enough exposure to UV rays can also cause skin cancer. Many people use sunscreen in order to protect themselves from ultraviolet rays, but according to doctors. Sunscreens are not sufficient to protect your skin from pollution. The best thing that they recommend for antioxidants is vitamin C serum. Dermatologists suggest that in order to properly protect your skin from sun rays, one should apply serum earlier than applying sunscreen on his face and neck. It will help fight pollutants present in the skin and air.

anti pollution skin care

When one doesn’t regularly clean his skin, the toxins present in the skin may penetrate deep into the inner layers and damage it. Hence doctors urge to apply antioxidants and properly follow skin care routines. Deep cleansing is necessary in order to support the air toxins that are present in our skin. When a perfect cleanser is used, they may be easily removed out of inner spaces. This is because the dust particles get attached to the skin when the skin is uncovered and is exposed to air pollution. It doesn’t damage our skin immediately, but if one doesn’t do proper cleaning and doesn’t thoroughly clean his skin, then it may lead to 90% of skin problems.

For this purpose, bubble clay mask is effective which contains carbonated bubbles. By gently massaging it upon the skin, it can clean it thoroughly. It penetrates deep into the skin and removes all the dust particles present inside. It cleans and repairs the interior layers. It defends our body against air pollution in the best way possible.

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