Ways to Rebuild Collagen inThe Face

What is collagen?

The most abundant form of protein in your body is collagen. It is found in your muscles, bones, and skin. Collagen is extremely important to maintain a healthy body because it is known as the backbone in the building structure and it helps maintain skin elasticity. Collagen production of course decreases as you get older and it starts to show in your skin. There are some vital ingredients that your body needs to produce protein. We will look into how an increase in collagen production in your face helps maintain healthy skin.

Ways to increase Collagen

There are several ways to increase collagen production in your body, from eating the right foods, to applying the proper products to your face, and to maintaining a healthy lifestyle altogether. Collagen has a precursor stage where it is known as procollagen, Vitamin C is needed to produce this protein using two different amino acids. Nutrients that your body needs for this process are proline, glycine, copper, and (as mentioned before) vitamin C. These nutrients are found in various foods ranging from fruits and vegetables to meats and seafood. Topical use of vitamin C serum also helps with collagen production in the face along with protecting the already existing collagen from damages. Sunscreen also helps with collagen protection on your face.

Smoking severely reduces the amount of collagen produced on your face, the reason being that it decreases oxygen and blood flow levels that results in the damage of healthy collagen on your face. Smoking also blocks any nutrients from having any benefit, meaning that if you use any topical products or maintain the right diet, the effectiveness would be minimal to none because of the smoking factor. Stress also reducing collagen production because it hinders the body’s ability to self-heal, some indirect factors like seeing a therapist or performing de-stressing exercises might speed up collagen production.

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How do Retinoids help?

Retinoids increase collagen production and as a result, this decreases wrinkles and fine lines on your face. They also bring a glow to your skin by stimulating blood flow to your face, which also results in straightening up irregularities and dark spots. The results, as with any of the products mentioned above, will show after consistent use of it and can take a couple of months before you will see any type of improvement.

Doctors suggest that people should start by trying retinoids in small amounts or every other day before regular use. This is because retinoids can cause dryness and inflammation to your skin sometimes. Retinoids also cause our skin to be sensitive when exposed to harmful rays from the sun, so it is recommended to use sunscreen and moisturizer along with it.


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